Tutorial : VRay 2.0 new features

Tutorial : VRay 2.0 new features


VRay 2.0 looks really amazing and is has some stunning new features.

In this video tutorial I’ll show you some of the new features

like how to use vray RT and see your work in real time and other cool stuff like:

VRayCarPaintMtl material, V-Ray specific light lister and more …

I hope you like this tutorial, have fun and Happy New Year!


If you can’t see the video above Click Here



  1. hey abanoub, great tuts by u, i m learning alot from it. i have a problem, i dont find vray option in my assign render window, from where i can get it?

    • Vray is a plugin that you have to install after you install 3ds max, it doesnt come with it, First buy the plugin, install it .. then ur good to go.

  2. Hi abanoub thnx for this, i want to learn VRay 2.0 all in detail can u help me? pls sent me some link or tutorials. thnx

    Sorry for my bad English

  3. hi, great tutorial and very helpful site.
    Just wanted to know where to find the vray settings and if you have the studio file that you use for the HDRI, I can’t find any of them on the site.

      • Guys, you need to press F10 to get the render settings after choosing vRay as the default render engine.
        About the HDRI i can’t share that as it’s copyrighted but there are alot of free hdri files on the internet, you just need to search a little bit :)

    • hi niloofar you can find v ray in king pack soft ware in iran im pleased to help you.im Sorry for my bad English