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3D Airplane Tutorial
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3ds max airplane tutorial

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In the last 3ds max tutorial requests post (pero_me) asked for an airplane tutorial. For me actually it's interesting to do so here it is,...

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“In this video tutorial i will show you how to make a bullet in 3ds max.” Let's take a break from the watch training series...

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This is Part 1 of  The Watch tutorial series. In this series i will show you how to make the modeling, lighting, shading and rendering of a...
airplane tutorial 3ds max

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Hey all This is part two of our series about how to make an airplane in 3ds max. We’re still in the modeling process, in this...

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How to make 3D Eye like the ones you see in Pixar movies ?? Here iam back again with another tutorial and this time about...
vray 3ds max plane tutorial

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In this last part of our free 3ds max airplane video tutorial series i will show you how to continue modeling the tail of the...